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National Tree Day 2024 with Motorama Toyota

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National Tree Day 2024 with Motorama Toyota

Did you know? Toyota has proudly been one of the main sponsors of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day for over 20 years!

National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day, celebrated in July every year is a fantastic way to promote environmental awareness and bring unlikely allies together to learn about environmental stewardship while having fun.

Since becoming a sponsor for Yeronga State High School earlier this year, we've been inspired by the enthusiasm and positivity for sustainability demonstrated by the school’s Sustainability Captains, Scarlet and Ben.

At our dealership, National Tree Day is a highlight of our calendar, and this year we are excited to contribute by installing a native beehive in the school community garden, which will help pollinate the fruits and vegetables, enhance local flora and fauna, and provide educational opportunities for junior classes.

Recently, we had the unique opportunity to participate in a podcast about sustainability in schools, discussing why Scarlet and Ben became Sustainability Captains and how a dealership can contribute to environmental care. It was an incredible experience to connect and learn from these passionate young leaders.

Below, you'll find bios for Scarlet and Ben. We hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.

We look forward to celebrating National Tree Day with you on Friday, July 26th!

Scarlett W

As one of the Environment and Sustainability captains for 2024, I realise how important caring for and understanding our environment is to our future. I understand that there is still a lot of ignorance in our school towards this topic and want to change that. Events like National Tree Day are ways to educate our peers on how to make a difference whilst having fun. Installing our native beehive to the community garden will help pollinate our fruit and veg improving our flora and fauna and provide opportunities for junior classes to get involved and study the garden and bees.

Ben G

When applying to be a captain for environment and sustainability, I wanted to bring new ideas to people in our community, get them interested in keeping the plants safe. Like some would say there is no other planet like earth where humans can live. National Tree Day is a great initiative that promotes environmental awareness and community engagement. It encourages people to come together and plant trees which helps combat climate change, improve air quality and get the politician's attention.  

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