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Upgraded Toyota Hilux Range Arrives at Motorama Toyota with V-Active Technology

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Upgraded Toyota Hilux Range Arrives at Motorama Toyota with V-Active Technology

The upgraded Toyota HiLux range has officially gone on sale in Australia, bringing with it new V-Active technology on select double-cab 4x4 variants, refreshed exterior styling and additional specifications that bring valuable enhancements for customers.

  • New HiLux range touches down in Australia with new styling and technology
  • V-Active technology improves fuel consumption, and powertrain smoothness
  • New HiLux range available from $26,475 plus on-road costs (1)

Pricing for the new HiLux range starts from $26,475 plus on-road costs for the entry-level 4x2 WorkMate single-cab chassis, while V-Active technology is available starting with the 4x4 SR double-cab chassis from $54,130 plus on-roads. (1)

Along with other specification upgrades, the addition of V-Active technology comes with a price premium of as little as $590, providing excellent value for customers.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley said the enhanced HiLux range brought welcome enhancements to the range that ensure it remains a popular choice for tradespeople and adventure-focused customers alike.

“Rugged reliability and incredible capability have ensured the Toyota HiLux has been a favourite choice for a vast range of customers needing a quality pick-up for work or play,” Mr Hanley said.

“The addition of V-Active for a small price premium, along with other valuable specification and styling improvements ensure the HiLux is more desirable than it has ever been.”

Available on select 4x4 double-cab SR, and SR5 grades as well as the luxurious Rogue, V-Active technology adds a motor generator, 48-volt battery and DC/DC converter to the tried-and-true 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder powertrain and six-speed automatic transmission, bringing benefits to fuel economy, powertrain smoothness and off-road ability.

The addition of V-Active technology allows for the fitment of a stop-start system to the turbo-diesel engine which plays a role in helping reduce fuel consumption by up to approximately 10 percent (2) compared to 2.8-litre engines without V-Active technology.

The 48-volt system makes the stop-start system impressively smooth and seamless, with a significant reduction in vibrations when restarting the engine compared to an engine not fitted with V-Active technology. The speed of the engine restart is also noticeably short, adding to the smooth nature of the start-stop system.

Fitting a 48-volt system also allows the engine to be switched off for longer than a typical internal-combustion engine when stopped in traffic, with owners able to choose from either a ‘Normal’ or ‘Long’ setting which increases the time the engine is switched off while the air conditioning is running.

Engine idling speed is reduced in V-Active technology grades, reduced from 720rpm to 600rpm.

Braking energy is recovered by the motor generator when decelerating, which contributes to a natural braking feeling to make driving easier. When accelerating, the motor generator can contribute power assistance in areas of lower engine efficiency to increase responsiveness and make acceleration smoother.

HiLux variants equipped with V-Active technology add Multi-Terrain Select, which includes six selectable modes that enhance wheel traction in a range of road surfaces.

When in high range, MTS can be set to Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud and Deep Snow, while low range offers Auto, Sand, Mud and Rock modes to optimally deploy power and maximise traction.

The motor generator unit has been positioned high in the engine bay to ensure the V-Active technology system retains the excellent off-road ability of the HiLux.

All core HiLux grades except for the WorkMate and SR single-cab and petrol variants gain a new front-end visual refresh which includes new front bumpers and a honeycomb mesh grille.

At the rear, WorkMate, SR, SR5 and GR Sport pick-ups offer a gloss black rear bumper while the Rogue sports a unique dark grey finish.

SR5 grades add dark-finished LED headlamps, gloss black exterior mirrors, door handles, tailgate handle and powder-coated sports bar for pick-up body styles.

Additional convenience is provided for all pick-up grades with the fitment of a tailgate damper with lift assist, which consists of a gas strut and steel cable. SR double-cab pick-ups with automatic transmissions add front and rear parking sensors.

Double-cab automatic SR5 grades gain a wireless charger (3) which is also applied to the Rogue and GR Sport flagship along with two rear USB-C ports for greater charging capability.

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  1. Manufacturer's recommended retail price provided for media purposes only. Statutory charges or other on-road costs not included.
  2. Results produced in laboratory test conditions, using sample vehicles without fitment of accessories/customisation, & do not reflect real world driving. Figures should only be used for comparative purposes.
  3. Only Qi-supported devices compatible. Refer to device manufacturer. May require additional purchase of accessory to support wireless charging.
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