myToyota Connect

Connected on the go

myToyota Connect allows you to stay connected to your vehicle and up to date with its fuel levels, odometer, location and more. It makes owning and driving your Toyota easier and more convenient[CS5].


Manage your vehicle from anywhere

Via the app you have instant and remote access to your Toyota vehicle details like VIN, trim and production date, plus your on-going subscriptions and Connected Services[CS5].

My Garage Image

My Garage

Acting as a dashboard, My Garage gives you access to select vehicle information and allows you to make remote changes to some of your vehicle’s settings[CS6].

Recent trips Image

Recent trips

Scroll through your 10 latest trips and easily access information like time, distance and your Drive Pulse score as well as seeing your journey on a map[CS7].

Glove Box Image

Glove Box

This is where you’ll find all the manuals and warranties relating to your Toyota[CS6].

Manage Connected Services Image

Manage Connected Services

You can view and manage which services you’re subscribed to via this app section.

Vehicle locator Image

Vehicle locator

Your vehicle’s last known location is shown on a map so you can easily get back to it[CS9].


Better driving, easier managing.

The myToyota Connect app is designed to make owning a Toyota easier, giving you access to helpful information and insights in one remote place. It also aims to make getting behind the wheel better every time[CS5].

Odometer, fuel level and distance to empty. Image

Odometer, fuel level and distance to empty.

You’ll find these readings for select Toyota vehicles at the very top of the app dashboard so you can easily check on this vital information before your next trip[CS6].

Drive Pulse Image

Drive Pulse

You’ll find a Drive Pulse score for each recent trip as well as an overall score as an average over the last 10 trips. Your Drive Pulse score is made up of real time data and shows how safely and economically the car is being driven[CS8].

Guest Driver Settings Image

Guest Driver Settings

Allows you to set and receive driver alerts when your vehicle is driven by other guests. For example, set and receive notifications to your device for when limits on speed, time or distance are exceeded[CS11].


Peace of mind with reminders and status notifications

Information at your fingertips. Keep track of your Toyota’s fuel levels, location and key data[CS5].

Notifications Image


For extra peace of mind, you have easy access to your previous notifications like window status[CS6], fuel level warnings and more[CS11].

Vehicle Status Image

Vehicle Status

Housed at the very top of the dashboard here you’ll find the odometer and fuel data, tap the view status button for a more detailed look at key vehicle data[CS9].

Getting started is easy

Download the app Image

Download the app

The myToyota Connect app is available on both iOS and Android. Download for iOS Download for Android

Register or login Image

Register or login

Create a new account directly via the myToyota Connect app.

Add vehicle and explore Image

Add vehicle and explore

Add your Connected vehicle and start exploring the app.

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