A Family Affair at Motorama Toyota Hillcrest for National Tree Day banner

A Family Affair at Motorama Toyota Hillcrest for National Tree Day

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A Family Affair at Motorama Toyota Hillcrest for National Tree Day

Saturday marked a special day at our Toyota Dealership in Hillcrest – National Tree Day!

We were all geared up and excited with 50 gloves, 50 hats, 50 biscuits, 4 tyres, 1 Hilux Tray, and 30 seedlings ready to go.

Replanting the Hilux Tray in the Garden between the Parts and Service Building had become a project that involved multiple departments working together. Our Parts and Service Department played a pivotal role in keeping the tray stickered and under wraps until the big day arrived. On National Tree Day, our Sales Department and enthusiastic family and friends joined forces to be the planting squad.

What did we plant?

- Tomatoes, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Dill, Chives, Parsley, Oregano

- Lemon, Limes

- Strawberries

National Tree Day is all about reconnecting with nature, and that's exactly what we aimed to do with our Hilux tray. We adorned it with the official National Tree theme and beautiful Gum Tree Bark-inspired stickers along the sides. Our goal was to connect with nature by planting various herbs, tomatoes, Lemon and Lime trees, and providing a QR code with staff recipes on how to use the herbs.

The planting day was a full day of work for our Sales and Service teams, but everyone was eager to contribute. With the help of family and friends, we moved and aerated the soil in the tray, carefully positioned and planted the seedlings, and placed mulch around them. We planted the tyres and laid new pavers for easier access to the tray. Throughout the day, visitors dropped by, took photos, gave advice, and shared smiles – it truly was a lovely day!

And here's the icing on the cake – when you scan the tray's barcode, you'll discover staff recipes that show you how to make the most of the herbs. It's all about bringing nature closer to our hearts and homes!

National Tree Day at Hillcrest was indeed a fantastic family affair, bringing together our dealership staff and loved ones in the spirit of nature and community.

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