Our Green Team at Motorama Toyota

Sustainability in the dealership, is that possible? Yes it is and Motorama Toyota Moorooka and Hillcrest have a strong commitment to doing our part in sustainability within the automotive industry. We have formed a committed team for our Toyota Moorooka and Hillcrest Dealership, who will through monthly green activities proactively try to reduce our waste and make better choices in our everyday dealings.

Green Team December 2023 Update

Embracing Sustainability at Our Hillcrest Dealership  

At our Hillcrest dealership, we faced a challenge with our existing red furniture. We discovered that the furniture's lifespan and texture were shorter than expected, prompting the need for an upgrade. Keeping in line with our Environmental Policies, we explored various alternatives.

Options we explored:

  1. Repurposing: Using the furniture for a different function/different space (Outcome: Purchase of new furniture).
  2. Donation: Donating it to a charity (Outcome: Purchase of new furniture).
  3. Recycling: Explore recycling options (Outcome: Purchase of new furniture).
  4. Professional Restoration: Hiring professionals to restore the furniture to its original red condition (Outcome: No purchase of new furniture).
  5. Renting/Leasing: Very economical option, price intensive for furniture we need (Outcome: No purchase of new furniture).
  6. Refurbish Existing Furniture: Reduction of waste, promotion of sustainable practices (Outcome: Purchase of new furniture).

Option we chose:

Refurbish Existing Furniture

Plenty of benefits and it used the original furniture pieces: 

  • Reduction of waste
  • Resource conservation
  • Energy savings
  • Promotion of sustainable practices
  • Encouragement of circular economy of repurposed rather than disposed.

Get ready as our Showroom undergoes a sustainable makeover, with refurbishments planned for the Showroom, Guest Lounge, and offices. This includes revamping twenty chairs, two lounges, and eleven tables! 

Green Team November 2023 Update

Food Waste in Australia: Foodbank's Call to Action 

Did you know that Australia possesses the capacity to feed its entire population and eliminate food insecurity?

Despite this, the country currently generates more than 7.6 million tonnes of food waste annually, which is equivalent to filling the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over.  

This staggering amount of waste carries a hefty price tag of over $36.6 billion for the Australian economy, even though 70 percent of it is perfectly edible. 

In addition to the economic toll, this food waste contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 10 percent of the total. In Australia, this translates to a staggering 17.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 

However, Australia has taken a stand by committing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, aiming to halve food waste by 2030. To help achieve this goal, various strategies are being employed. Foodbank's food and grocery rescue operations, for instance, have already saved 86.6 million kilograms of CO2 emissions in 2022. 

Thye are also partners of Stop Food Waste Australia and the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre, both dedicated to the same goal. 

So, how does Foodbank make this a reality?  

  • Volunteering: Many initiatives, such as the Food for Kids Activation, offer opportunities for volunteering. 
  • Donations and Fundraising: Contributing financially to the cause is another way to support these efforts.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with organizations like Foodbank, which are at the forefront of the fight against food waste, is crucial. 

To learn more about Foodbank's incredible work in addressing food waste, check out their Food Waste Facts.

As an example of our commitment, our Hillcrest Dealership participated in the Food for Kids activation, packing an impressive 290 hampers and outperforming our sister branch in Moorooka, which packed 238 hampers. 

To celebrate our incredible number we even attempted our own version of the iconic Toyota 'Oh what a feeling Jump.'  

Green Team October 2023 Update

As part of our environmental commitment this year we looked at 3 different waste strings in which to make a difference: Waste, Energy and Water. 

In a dealership, water can be saved in many ways – we decided to tackle the most obvious source first, customer and staff restroom. A half-flush option in a toilet is beneficial for environmental sustainability primarily because it helps save water. Here's why: 

Water Conservation: A half flush uses significantly less water than a full flush, which helps in conserving water, a precious and finite resource. In regions facing water scarcity or drought, reducing water usage is crucial for sustainable living. 

Reduced Water Waste: A full flush uses more water than necessary for disposing of liquid waste. The half-flush option is designed to flush away liquid waste effectively while using less water, reducing unnecessary water waste. 

Lower Water Treatment Impact: The water used in toilets goes through a treatment process to make it safe for reuse or return to the environment. Using less water for flushing means less water that needs treatment, reducing the energy and resources required for water treatment. 

Lowered Energy Consumption: Water treatment facilities use energy to process and treat water. By using less water, the overall energy demand of these facilities decreases, contributing to reduced energy consumption and, consequently, a smaller carbon footprint. 

Green Team September 2023 Update

Kaizen, a fundamental principle in the Toyota philosophy, serves as our driving force, enabling a systematic approach to problem-solving and optimisation.

In early April, our vigilant Green Team identified an inefficiency concerning our onsite cardboard bins. The two bins at our disposal were consistently under-utilised, being only half-filled with unfolded cardboard waste, presenting an unsightly appearance. Cleanaway, our Waste Management partner, emphasized this inefficiency through multiple reports. 

Responding swiftly, we mobilised a collaborative effort across various departments, initiating a Kaizen journey to unearth the root cause of the issue. This involved meticulous analysis and the subsequent implementation of recommended changes in the same month. By strategically reducing the frequency of cardboard bin collections and rationalising the number of bins onsite, we have already witnessed significant improvements. 

As we approach our November Green Team Consolidation, armed with three months' worth of data, we eagerly anticipate assessing the impact of this Kaizen approach. Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis of how this initiative has shaped our sustainability journey.  

Green Team August 2023 Update

“The greatest gift you can give someone is your time”.  

- Tarah, Foodbank QLD, People & Culture Advisor

In August our Green Team joined the "Food for Kids" Volunteering Session at Foodbank Queensland.

It is important to know that Foodbank's School Breakfast Program takes a break during school holidays.  

To bridge this gap, Foodbank packs and distributes special food hampers to provide for children and their families over the holidays. 

They are thoughtfully packed with essential items, caring notes, colour in and puzzles for children. 

Our team stepped in and packed a total of 238 of these hampers, hoping to help making a difference.

For over 5 years now do we support Foodbank Queensland in various ways: 

  • We recently donated a brand new forklift, named by one of our Toyota technicians.
  • Whenever a Used Car is sold, customers can choose from three organisations for us to support on their behald, including Foodbank. Last year, we donated $11,000 to Foodbank.
  • We set up a "Containers for Change" bin in our Guest Lounge with all proceeds going to Foodbank.
  • Our 9-person Green Team recently volunteered for the Food for Kids session to get a glimpse at the operational side of Foodbank and be a part of a meaningful activity.

A big thank you to Samantha, Tarah, and Glenn for providing us with this eye-opening experience. There are many ways Foodbank supports Queenslanders, check out their amazing work here: www.foodbank.org.au

Green Team July 2023 Update

Happy National Tree Day!

Did you know that in 2023 Toyota Australia joyfully marked 24 years as the major sponsor for Planet Ark's National Tree Day?

Both Motorama Toyota dealerships undertook green initiatives for National Tree Day this year - check out the recaps for each location below:

Motorama Toyota Moorooka

To commemorate this incredible milestone, our Green Team joined our friends from the first grade at Moorooka State School for a morning of planting and gardening, spreading green goodness all around.

We planted over 50 seedlings made up of special Bush Tucker plants, Blueberries, Herbs, Natives, and lots & lots of Marigolds, had some great discussions about worms - a topic of interest for the kids, and were able to follow up on the progress of last year’s Bee Garden (Note: Beautifully cared for and full of produce - the garden beds are bursting!)

We were also delighted to be invited to a morning tea of delicious Pumpkin Loaf made with pumpkins straight from the Bee Garden. Thank you Moorooka State School for being our green friends!

Click the link to read the blog.

Motorama Toyota Hillcrest

To mark this amazing milestone, we gathered together to unveil and spruce up the HiLux tray in our garden, which had been sitting patiently and covered in the garden for weeks. Today, we finally revealed its fresh new artwork.

The sides are designed to resemble gum tree bark, adding a touch of nature's charm. In the tray be, we've lovingly replanted a variety of herbs.

The best part is you can scan the tray's barcode and you'll find some great recipes from our very own staff utilising the very herbs grown in our HiLux tray.

Today was a genuine family affair and we're immensely thankful to everyone who lent a hand!

Click the link to read the blog!

Green Team June 2023 Update

"Recycle your drink containers here!"

For the month of June, we have implemented a new initiative in our Guest Lounge to promote responsible recycling of the plastic water bottles we offer. We have introduced a dedicated "Containers For Change" Bin, where guests can conveniently dispose of their plastic water bottles.

Once the bin is full, the organization "Containers For Change" collects it and generously donates the refund from all the recycled containers to our chosen charity, Foodbank Queensland. To track our progress, we have an electronic dashboard that displays the number of containers recycled and the corresponding amount automatically contributed to Foodbank.

Over the past 3 months about 3,384 plastic bottles and 104 cans have been used in our Guest Lounge - by implementing this recycling option, we aim to make a positive impact on both the environment and the Foodbank charity.


Green Team May 2023 Update

"The annual effort to keep K'gari clean"

For the month of May, the Motorama Toyota Green Team joined the annual volunteer effort to help keep the shores of K'gari - the world's largest sand island - clean from marine debris. This event is organised by the Four Wheel Drive Association of Queensland in collaboration with Tangaroa Blue Foundation - an Australia-wide not-for-profit for the prevention and removal of marine debris.

Green Team April 2023 Update

"Hello, I have some empty AA batteries. Can you please tell me where I can recycle them?"

This single question posed by a guest at our reception was a wake-up call for us. It made us realize that neither our staff nor our guests had access to recycling options for AA and AAA batteries in either Moorooka or Hillcrest. After discussing the issue, our Green Team implemented a Kaizen approach to identify the root cause of the problem and fill the gap. Kaizen is a proactive method of continuous improvement and is one of the core principles of The Toyota Way.

After conducting thorough research and comparisons, we decided to partner with Planet Ark. Batteries 4 Planet Ark is a recycling program for workplaces that provides a cost-effective and accessible solution to safely collect and recycle handheld batteries. Together we can keep batteries and the hazardous materials they contain out of landfill and ensure they are safely recycled through "Close the Loop".

“Close the Loop” provides the most compelling Business Recycling Solutions for Batteries and Toner Cartridges.

Toyota Australia has been a proud sponsor of Planet Ark's National Tree Day for more than 20 years. Through this partnership, we leverage our entire network of dealers, staff, and brand ambassadors to support National Tree Day and help local schools, councils, and groups take an active role in caring for their environment – and now we can extend our commitment to the Environment via more services Planet Ark offers.

Negative Impact on Environment

What if we don’t recycle Batteries?

Batteries contain harmful substances including mercury, cadmium and lead. These chemicals and materials can be dangerous if mixed with other waste streams and cause damage to the environment if placed in landfill.

Positive Impact on Environment

Battery Recycling Benefits

  • Batteries will not go into Landfill or Water
  • Recycling can help extract the raw materials from used batteries and forward them to manufacturing companies for reuse
  • This brings down the cost for new batteries
  • Recycling conserves resources, reduces pollution nd contribute to the economy all in one go

Look out for the official Battery Recycling Boxes in the Moorooka and Hillcrest Guest Lounge!


Green Team March 2023 Update

In March, we had the privilege of supporting Moorooka State School for Clean Up Australia Day, an annual event dedicated to preserving the environment. We were thrilled to be asked to participate by our friends at the school, and it was a fantastic day indeed!

Equipped with our Clean Up Australia gear, including vests, rubbish bags, and gloves, our Motorama Green Team representatives, Shaelea, Anne, and Jacob, were assigned to Sixth graders Josh and Robert. Together, we headed to the designated location, picked up rubbish, and examined and discussed the small amount of waste we found, identifying how it got there and where it should be disposed of.

We also had a wonderful chat with Principal Mrs. Morrison and revisited our 2022 National Tree Day Community Garden, still thriving with produce and green love. We're grateful to Moorooka State School for inviting us to share in this experience, and we look forward to celebrating 2023 Schools National Tree Day with them!


Green Team February 2023 Update

This month the spotlight is on the Cups & Lids in the Guest Lounge. Our guests consume about 500 coffees a week - and both Cup and Lids go straight into landfill or they are inadvertently sent to recycling when they ought not to. We need to do better and this is a simple way to improve our environmental impact. We have researched several options and have chosen to use Ecobarista Australia’s products.

An independent and 100% Australian owned business, who are leaders in reimagining packing especially for high coffee consumption.

The products we have chosen are made from plants and maintain the Australian standard for commercial (Industrial) composting. Lined with PLA (Polylactic Acid) a plant based bio plastic ensures the products are composted and regrown after use.

Ecobarista also has a partnership with Carbon Neutral PTY LTD to offset a percentage of their emissions to ensure their products have minimal impact on the environment.

Check out our video here: 

2023 Environmental Green Policy & Dealer Principal Environmental Compliance Statement 

We are excited to let you know that we take the time each year to review and update our Environmental Green Policy and Dealer Principal Environmental Compliance Statement. This is our way of staying committed to the environment, improving our performance, and making a positive impact on both nature and our business. 

We've formed a special Green team that includes people from all departments of Motorama Toyota Moorooka and Motorama Toyota Hillcrest. Together, we look at what's working well in our policies and where we can do even better. We take a close look at the past year—what went well and what we can improve. This helps us plan for the future. 

You can follow along with all our efforts on our website and social media. We believe in being open and trustworthy, showing that we're not just talking, but actually taking action. 

If you're interested in reading these documents, it's easy to get a hold of them. Just send an email to anne.tanner@motorama.com.au and she'll be happy to share the policies with you. 


If you have any green suggestions please get in touch: Anne.Tanner@motorama.com.au


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