Celebrating National Tree Day with Moorooka State School banner

Celebrating National Tree Day with Moorooka State School

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Celebrating National Tree Day with Moorooka State School

Celebrating National Tree Day with our Friends from Moorooka State School is a Milestone Day on our Dealership calendar!

Wow, what a day it was! This year was extra special, all thanks to Mrs Myatt, the Experienced Senior Teacher who made the day for all such a wonderful experience.

Mrs Myatt had everything planned out for the Grade One Students – four different areas to replant and a cool plant wish list from the Aussie Bush Tucker Website. We were all set to make this day count!

Here's what we supplied for the day:

  • Native Guava - Scented Laurel or Copper Laurel - Eupomatia laurina
  • Native Mulberry - Pipturus argenteus
  • Native Gardenia - Artocarpus fitzalanii
  • Native Lemongrass - Cymbopogon ambiguous
  • Native River Mint - Mentha australis
  • Native Thyme - Protetheria incisa
  • Native Sea Celery
  • Coastal Celery

We also added:

  • Finger Limes
  • Blueberries
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Marigold seedlings for natural pest control and a splash of colour
  • Bamboo plant protectors

Our Green team representation Jackie Jarvis (Warranty Administrator), Sam Beckwith (Value Consultant), Jacob Bourke (Pre-Owned Assistant Sales Manager), Chris Haywood (Parts Manager), and Anne Tanner (Guest Experience Manager), were greeted with a warm welcome committee of three eco ambassadors. What a great start!

First things first, the Eco Ambassadors buckled down and put together about 30 Bamboo Plant protectors for the seedlings we were about to plant.

The planting action took place in four spots – one Bush Tucker Garden and three spots around Claires Memorial Garden. The Grade One classes took charge like pros. Each class had their own spot to plant in peace and the students were divided into teams of three: one digger, one planter, and one waterer. Teamwork at its finest!

We had some great chats with the kids while we prepped the holes for planting. They were full of questions and stories, and it made the whole experience even more fun… our main topics:

What are worms and where did they come from? We love gardening, it is so much fun. Not too much water, the plant can't swim. If you turn the pot upside down and tap it, the plant will fall out so we can put it in the ground. Is this a flowering plant? Is it a big plant? Can you dig another hole for another plant? Can you help get the plant out of the pot? Do I water the plant now? Is this enough water? Can I do another? Why are there worms? What do worms do? GROSS WORMS! Quick, put the worm on that plant! This is the first time I've ever planted anything! We have a lemon tree at home and it's been there since I was three! This is fun, I want to do more of this! Is this a left glove or the other left? Don't step on the baby plants! Look at all the roots! We can all dig the hole together! Are we going to do this all day? I'd love that. We have a chicken club!

It was a day filled with laughter, excitement, and green goodness. We hope the kids will remember this for a long time.

And you know what? We even checked out the Bee Garden from last year – Mrs Vicky Jones is a gardening wizard! So much yummy stuff growing there!

And the best part of all? Mrs Myatt surprised us with a delicious morning tea. We got to try out a seriously tasty pumpkin loaf made from pumpkins they grew in the bee garden. It was a flavour explosion!

Big thanks to Mrs Myatt, Mrs Jones, and all the Grade One students for making this day so special. We love being green friends with you all! Till next time!

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