Our Green Team at Motorama Toyota

Sustainability in the dealership, is that possible?

Yes it is and Motorama Toyota Moorooka and Hillcrest have a strong commitment to doing our part in sustainability within the automotive industry. 

We have formed a committed team for our Toyota Moorooka and Hillcrest Dealership, who will through monthly green activities proactively try to reduce our waste and make better choices in our everyday dealings.

April Update: Reducing Plastic Waste with Zip Taps

In 2023, our Green Team identified plastic water bottles in the Customer Lounge as a significant contributor to our waste problem.

To address this issue, we made a substantial switch to water slabs and implemented a Containers For Change bin to ensure proper recycling. This initiative not only helped us reduce waste but also enabled us to donate over $300 automatically to Foodbank Australia.

Moving into 2024

In 2024, our Green Team has set an ambitious goal of completely eliminating plastic bottles from our premises. 

After thorough research, we have found a solution that caters to both hot and cold water needs: the Zip Tap. 

This innovative option provides on-demand hot and cold water without generating any waste. 

In summary, Zip Taps represent a practical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bottles. With benefits including reduced waste, improved freshness, and enhanced convenience, they align perfectly with our sustainability efforts. 

Next time you visit our Customer Lounge, we invite you to enjoy the convenience of our Zip Tap!

March Update: Foodbank 2024 Hamper Packing

Our bond with Foodbank Queensland has deepened over the years, and our commitment to supporting their cause remains unwavering. After a successful collaboration last year, we are renewing our pledge to continue our physical volunteer support throughout 2024.

This year, we have set our sights on a lofty goal: to assemble a staggering 720 hampers through the 'Food for Kids' Program, an initiative aimed at aiding Queenslanders facing food insecurity.

In March, our first team embarked on this mission and achieved remarkable results. With dedication and teamwork, they efficiently packed 360 hampers, setting a new benchmark for productivity. Not only did this endeavour contribute significantly to our community, but it also served as a powerful team-building exercise, embodying the core values of our Motorama team.

Stay tuned for our September group and see if we can achieve our goal!

Read more about Foodbanks amazing work:

2024 Environmental Green Policy & Dealer Principal Environmental Compliance Statement 

Each year, Motorama Toyota takes time to review and update its Environmental Green Policy and Dealer Principal Compliance Statement. This helps us to improve our performance and commitment to the environment while striving for positive outcomes for both nature and our organisation.

Various staff members from all walks of the organisation across both Motorama Toyota Moorooka and Motorama Toyota Hillcrest have volunteered their time to continuously review our existing policies and past performance in order to better develop and plan our future initiatives.

You can follow all our effort via our website or social media pages. Our commitment to transparency is underscored by our guaranteed action.

If you're interested in reading these documents, it's easy to get a hold of them. Just send an email to anne.tanner@motorama.com.au and she'll be happy to share the policies with you. 

If you have any green suggestions please get in touch: Anne.Tanner@motorama.com.au

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